Driver Support has clearly stated its ongoing commitment to providing safe and clean software to consumers since opening its doors in 1996. As a part of that commitment we determined early on that it was imperative to support and engage with critical organizations like the CSA (Clean Software Alliance  Driver Support is among the first consumer software vendors to join the CSA as an early adopter in 2014.

The CSA champions sustainable, consumer-friendly practices within the software distribution ecosystem by establishing and enforcing best practices by and among its members and the industry at large.

Comprised of AntiMalware vendors, including Google, Microsoft, Symantec, Avast, software distribution & monetization firms, and major software platforms, the CSA works across its constituents to codify and operationalize industry best practices through guidelines, policies, and technology tools that balance the software industry’s needs while preserving customer choice and customer control.

As part of our membership, Driver Support has volunteered and participated in multiple CSA events providing feedback on their emerging CSA Guidelines document which is now available at Driver Support remains very active and vocal at all the CSA events leading many discussions and have even been invited to participate in an industry panel focused on software utilities.

“The CSA provides a forum for software vendors, distributors, and the security industry. It allows the software industry to come together for the good of the consumer to define best practices and guidelines. We pride ourselves in taking this leadership role on behalf of our customers.” – Bogdan Odulinski, Driver Support’s VP of Strategy and Business Development